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Renowned Blockchain Regulatory Information Query Platform WikiBit Officially Joins the British Blockchain Association!

Grand News Network | July 10, 2024

Hong Kong, China, 10th Jul 2024 - Amidst the wave of the digital economy, WikiBit, as an excellent blockchain regulatory information query platform, has officially become a member of the British Blockchain Association (BBA). Leveraging its multi-dimensional public data accumulated from years of deep industry engagement, WikiBit provides all-in-one information query services to over 10 million users in more than 170 countries and regions worldwide with its robust technical capabilities and professional service team. Committed to offering the most comprehensive, accurate, and latest information support, WikiBit aids users in safely investing in the blockchain industry. As a member of the British Blockchain Association, WikiBit will further enhance its information regulatory service advantages, helping investors find the most suitable blockchain trading projects and platforms.



The BBA is the UK’s first national organization that encourages and promotes the adoption of blockchain technology across the public sector, private sector, and the third sector. It is one of the world’s largest blockchain associations, dedicated to driving blockchain innovation and application. The association brings together globally top-tier blockchain industry think tanks, with members spanning six continents, boasting strong industry influence and resource networks.


WikiBit’s inclusion will inject new vitality into the association, collectively promoting the healthy development of the blockchain industry with its powerful blockchain regulatory information query services. Professor Naseem Naqvi, founder and chairman of the BBA, has stated, “The swelling ranks of partners and members from around the world are joining us. We aim to connect governments, academics, businesses, startups, investors, and venture capitalists to drive the adoption of blockchain technology in the UK.”


Additionally, as a member, WikiBit will actively participate in the BBA’s Global Universities Forum (BBA SF) and engage in deep collaborations with universities and research institutions to together drive blockchain technology innovation and application by way of utilizing its blockchain regulatory information database.


Looking ahead, WikiBit is poised to host exhibitions in Europe, and the BBA as a co-organizer will fully support WikiBit’s growth in the European region. Meanwhile, WikiBit will continue to collect professional data and other information on the global blockchain industry, providing users with more comprehensive, accurate, and transparent blockchain regulatory information query services.


The renowned blockchain regulatory information query platform WikiBit has officially joined the British Blockchain Association (BBA). It will initiate in-depth collaboration between the two parties in multiple fields, such as technology development and talent cultivation to jointly drive blockchain technology innovation and application, explore the latest developments in blockchain technology, and improve the standards of regulatory information query services. In the meantime, both parties will join hands to develop more efficient and secure solutions, providing strong support for the healthy development of the industry.


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